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    Datong Weidu Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
    Company Profile About us


           Datong Weidu activated carbon Co., Ltd. which was established in 2002.09 and officially put into production in 2003.08 is located in Datong city, Shanxi Province, the largest raw material production base for coal based activated carbon. As a professional activated carbon company, our company covers an area of 66,000 square meters with a trinity of production, research and sale of activated carbon.

    Datong Weidu activated carbon Co., Ltd. owns one carbonization furnace, four Slep activation furnaces, two sets of sieving, breaking and stone removal   production lines, one set of dust removal and packing lines, and all equipments are high in automation and advanced in technology. Relying on the unique natural advantages of Datong coal ocean, mature production technology and stable technical team, our company always adheres to the unremitting pursuit of quality improvement, which guarantees the products quality and cleanliness to the maximum extent. Customers in different fields can be met with our various kinds of excellent activated carbon.

    Our company carries out tests in strict accordance with international ASTM and JIS standards. With perfect test equipments, strict test procedures and professional testers, the quality of products is strictly controlled to ensure that all the products released from our company can stand the tests of customers.

    Our company has an annual output of 5000 tons carbonized materials for filter elements and 5000 tons kinds of activated carbon with strong adsorption capacity and long service life. The products are widely used in fields of water and air purification, sewage treatment, solvent recovery, desulphurization and decolorization, and mainly exported to developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other regions.

    Our company holds "all for customers" as the business philosophy and "integrity, pragmatism, development and win-win" as the business principle. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company and negotiate business.

    Corporate Culture